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Frankenthal, Beindersheimer Straße 79

Object type:Office
Year of construction:2000
Rentable area:8,163.00 sqm
Energy certificate:Energy certificate is available for this building
Date of energy certificate:Until April 30th, 2014 (EnEV 2009)
Significant power resource:Gas
Energy certificate type:Consumption certificate
Heating energy consumption identity value:41.0 kWh/(m²*a)
Power energy consumption identity value:
Description:Logistic Center
Beindersheimer Straße 79
67227 Frankenthal

Commercial neighborhood in the northwestern part of Frankenthal, named (in translation)
‘Company Park Frankental North’.

The plot is also suited for a further development. The open space is located on the backside of the plot, on an area measuring 60 meters by 25 meters.

Send me more informations.


Rentable areas:

Rentable area:1.20 sqm
Description:Storage and fabrication