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Düsseldorf, Wahler Straße 37-39

Object type:Logistic
Year of construction:1984
Rentable area:23,213.00 sqm
Energy certificate:Energy certificate is available for this building
Date of energy certificate:Until April 30th, 2014 (EnEV 2009)
Significant power resource:Gas
Energy certificate type:Consumption certificate
Heating energy consumption identity value:81.0 kWh/(m²*a)
Power energy consumption identity value:44.0 kWh/(m²*a)
Description:The logistic center is located in exposed location of an industrial park in the noth of Düsseldorf, district Düsseldorf-Rath. It is in the west of the street „Wahlerstraße“ and in the north of the street “Am Gatherhof”. To the city center and to the central station it is just 7km linear distance. The property has 3 separate driveways.
There is a direct driveway to the freeway “A 52” therefore an excellent connection to the northern freeway network (A 44, A 3) exists. The Düsseldorf Airport, the fair and the southern Ruhr area are easily accessible within a few minutes. The bus lines and the city train (train station Rath Mitte) offer a good public transport to the city center of Düsseldorf. Within easy walking distance you find several grocery stores.
This logistic center, located on a 40.200,00m² property, involves several logistic halls varying in size and also its corresponding office areas. The 2-3storey buildings are divided into 3 hall comlexes, all built between 1984 and 1988. Each hall complex includes various separable hall areas. The halls are of diverse size with an administrative building each.

1. Hall Complex (Part A/B):
In total 9 hall areas with a size of 10.779,00 m² rental area and 2.395,00 m² office area.

2. Hall Complex (Part C):
In total 7 hall areas with a size of 5.328,00 m² rental area and 2.027,00 m² office area.

3. Hall Complex (Part D):
In total 4 hall areas with a size of 1.982,00 m² rental area and 652,00m² office area.

All hall areas in the hall complexes are connected with eachother thus it is possible to meet the particular tenant’s requirements.

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Rentable areas:

Rentable area:621.95 sqm
Description:Storage area with oficce attached at the ground floor. Office area the first floor can be let, too.
Rentable area:340.90 sqm
Description:office located at the first floor.
Rentable area:390.88 sqm
Description:Office unit at the first floor.