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Heidelberg, Mannheimer Straße 1

Object type:Office
Year of construction:1994
Rentable area:2,507.00 sqm
Energy certificate:No energy certificate is available for this building yet
Description:Residential-and commercial property
Mannheimer Straße 1
69115 Heidelberg

This building, located in Mannheimer Street 1, is situated approximately 2 kilometers west of the old town in Heidelberg, in the neighborhood of Bergheim, directly next to the motorway onramp to the A656. The university is located about 3 kilometers away. The surrounding developments are primarily residential, consisting of buildings of up to 3 stories. A small green space borders the property to the east.

Good connections to the public transport network via bus and street car stops can be found in the adjacent Bergheimer Street; the nearest bus stop is approximately 100 meters away and the street car can be reached within 5 minutes on foot.

The building is comprised of four floors, with the apartments located in the 3rd floor and a partial extension of the 4th floor laid out for office use.
The floor plans are flexible and can be divided and arranged according to the wishes of the tenant.

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