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Gießen-Linden, Robert-Bosch-Straße 3-5

Object type:Retail
Year of construction:1980
Rentable area:1,886.00 sqm
Energy certificate:No energy certificate is available for this building yet
Description:Commercial property
Robert-Bosch-Straße 3
35440 Großen-Linden

This property is located in an excellent location at the entrance of the commercial park ‘Großen-Linden’. Robert-Bosch-Street is the three-lane main artery to the commercial area. A connection road to the A85 motorway can be found near the property, connecting the area to the A85 in only a few kilometers. (Gießen southern interchange)
Gießen’s city center is easily accessible for private traffic via the ‘Gießener Pforte’ street.
There is a Burger King restaurant directly adjacent to the property with a drive-in and a McDonald’s can be found across the street. The surrounding properties serve mainly commercial uses, with the majority being retail.
The complex itself comprises of three separate and bordering buildings: one large hall, a central block with an exhibition space, and a workshop with a two-storey office wing. The exceptional slope of the rentable space is especially optimal as a presentation space for a car dealer.
The area surrounding the buildings also offers plentiful parking spaces.

Building Part Space Size

Hall 1
Ground floor Retail/Exhibit, workshop, office, storage 766, 05 m²

Hall 2
Ground floor Workshop, social area, office, storage 352 m²
1st floor Social area, storage 70 m²

Hall 3
Ground floor Exhibition space 214 m²

Adjoining building
Ground floor 88,00m²
1496 m²

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